How To Find Offshore Asset Protection

The basics of offshore asset protection are simple. When someone is thinking of suing you, the first thing their attorney does is put together a list of your assets to see if the suit is worthwhile.

Your Internet profiles will be searched, your friends and past neighbors talked to, your ex-wife offered part of the take; local police, accountant, and other databases may be searched – some legally, others less so. Your phones may even be tapped, your computer may have a key-logger installed to learn your passwords. If your pockets are deep enough, the search will then get serious.

Foreign data bases will be searched by your name, pressure will be applied. You will suddenly find you have new friends that love to talk about other countries and how well they’ve done there with investments and hidden accounts. For enough money, they will use sexual entrapment to turn your spouse, blackmail, and a host of other dirty tricks.

That means you have two defenses.

Have assets hidden somewhere.

Don’t tell anyone, including your spouse, about it.

Do report your taxes as an American. As the Bible says “Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves.” Make yourself a small target for the Big Brother countries. A funny juxtaposition occurred when the Swiss cravenly acquiesced to US demands with just this whimper:

A) “It makes me uneasy that a friendly nation like the U.S. disrespects Swiss laws,” Christophe Darbellay, head of the Swiss Christian Democratic Party said in an interview. “It’s a strain on the relations between both countries.”

B) “What makes this public acknowledgement so peculiar is the secrecy that usually surrounds grand jury investigations,” Jeffrey Neiman, a former federal prosecutor who worked on the UBS case said. “In fact, the (Justice) department is prohibited by law from speaking about matters occurring before the grand jury.”

A+B = C

C) If the US Justice Department is perfidious enough to ignore American law, why would anyone expect them to respect any laws, anywhere? Their mandate is obviously to confiscate, charge fees, and extort penalties from European, American, and any other available pockets; hoping to fund another day for a bankrupt government. Ethics, laws, and justice are shown to not be considerations of debauched Justice Department actions.

The response by the American Justice Department bully to the tiny European country they just flattened was hardly conciliatory. They laughed like hyenas when they trumpeted of giving “fabled Swiss bank secrecy a devastating blow.”

(Are you ready to protect yourself with a second citizenship yet? Do you think anyone will notice if the Justice Department incidentally gives you a devastating blow?)

If your hidden offshore assets (for Americans there are a few you aren’t yet required to report to the IRS) are in a name other than your own, then they will be safe from almost all lawsuit level general searches by your specific name. You may not even be sued. If the worst happens, and it looks like a score of years in court or jail for refusal to pay, you can go visit your money. With you and your money out of reach most lawsuits will go away.

Don’t wait for problems to arrive. If you are in a dispute with a creditor, even if you’re right, and you start to move money offshore that might be construed as fraudulent conveyance. You, your money, and your life might get into big trouble.

The answer is simple. Today you do not need offshore asset protection, so today is the day you need to start acquiring offshore asset protection. If you wait until you need it, it will be too late.

Asset protection in the US for US citizens is impossible because privacy is impossible. Consult with us or a reputable lawyer outside the US before you take action. A lawyer in the US will be rightly afraid to give you good advise, he doesn’t want to risk breaking the law by telling you the truth – if he even knows the truth.

Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”
Thomas Jefferson

The American government may no longer feel it needs to obey the law, but it’s wise for you to conduct your affairs with strict legality. You are not the walking dead. Start your arrangements for offshore asset protection today so tomorrow you can make choices. If renouncing US citizenship is something you’ve considered, get your answers from outside USA borders. There are certain steps you will need to take before you legally leave the zombie of a once great nation.

Atlas is groaning under the weight of unsustainable governments. Arrange your offshore asset protection with a view to a personally sustainable future.


Josh Morph

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