Offshore Math

There are some great investigative writers illuminating the advantages of moving yourself, your family, and your future offshore. They dig into statistics and history, telling you what has happened before. They name emperors, kings, and leaders of democracies that have made the same errors we are now seeing from our leaders. They have done the heavy research, we have but to review and conclude.

Humans, that’s you and me, are better at synthesis than math, odds making than adding up the evidence. We are unlikely to dig in and find flaws or support for others arguments, we listen, read, and too frequently – then wander on. What we can do is what I’ll show below from my own syntheses. Take the time to ask yourself what are the odds of the following happening. You’ll be surprised to learn that everything you believe and have read can be summed so easily.

A word of warning: If you believe what your political party or TV tells you and have never honestly sought the opposite arguments go someplace else. The numbers you would get are programed into you and valueless.
“Robots need not apply.”


Chance Obama will become a dictator: 5%

Chance the laws Bush and Obama have created will eventually empower a dictator: 90%

Chance America will have a “political savior” (dictator) within 10 years: 50+%

Chance currency controls like Argentina’s will prevail in America within ten years: 90%

Chance YOU will need specific permission from several government agencies to travel to, from, and around the USA within ten years: 70%

Chance money in 401k and IRA accounts will be forced into gov bonds within ten years: 80%

Chance of the Euro failing within 10 years: 90%

Chance of Yen failing within 10 years: 90%

Chance of dollar failing within five years of Yen’s failure: 95%

Chance of a new monetary system within five years: 60%

Chance of a new monetary system within ten years: 85%

Chance friend/family will have their assets confiscated and/or end in jail within 10 years: 45%

Chance of another world war:

Chance you will be in a country damagingly involved in that war:

Chance you will move offshore to protect you, your family, and your assets:


Bill Freeman

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